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Step 1.

Verify Eligibility
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • >Must benefit from the services offered, based upon Individual Service Plan objectives and long-term goals.
  • Must possess physical tolerance to sustain a six-hour, five days per week work service.
  • Must meet eligibility requirements set by Regional Centers in California.
  • Individuals and parents, or significant others, as well as Regional Center, agree to participate in the service.
  • Must be able to administer their own medication during work hours, if necessary. *(PPTC is not licensed to work with individuals with restricted health conditions.)
  • All individuals must be ambulatory.
  • Individuals receiving our services must be able to function within the health and safety requirements of Title 22.

Step 2.

Contact Outreach Coordinator

Marianet Tirado

All prospective participants will be part of an initial interview via home visits or training site, that will consist of

  • reviewing packet information
  • determining functional capabilities
  • and collaborating with the Interdisciplinary team

Step 3.

Complete Intake Requirements
  • Peak Performance Training Centers, Inc. (PPTC) Enrollment Forms
  • Physical Examination signed by Doctor. No older than a year from the determined start date.
  • TB test signed by Doctor. No older than a year from the determined start date.
  • Transportation Plan (Approved by the individual, Regional Center and Peak Performance Training Centers, Inc.)

Peak Performance Training Centers, Inc. implements a 30-day observation period for new service participants to determine if our services support their needs.